Infrastructure Planning

Since the business's inception in 2000, we have assisted many of our customers with the planning and layout of their IT infrastructure.

If it is an existing business with equipment and software; we start by doing an IT audit to see what the current hardware and software are. We will also collect all IT concerns and issues for assessment. We will then propose what the optimal use would be for the current hardware and software and then start to expand from there. Be believe in using what you have to it's fullest potential first. In this process we will also find bottlenecks, faulty hardware and software that are not up to date and make suggestions accordingly.

This process includes the following reports:

  1. Detailed hardware and software report on each PC, notebook and server.
  2. A summarised report on software licenses currently in use reflecting both legal and illegal installations.
  3. Hardware summary according to performance matrix.
  4. Current network diagram.
  5. Recommended changes. (Proposed network diagram and supporting documentation)
  6. Quotations for implementing suggestions.
  7. Valuation of IT equipment for insurance purposes.